Dewatering is a process commonly used in the wastewater treatment industry. It involves removing water from sludge to reduce volume and thus, reduce costs associated with transport and disposal.

Our dewatering process involves mechanical dewatering by solid bowl centrifuge. The Humboldt Decanter SC 5-2 Centrifuge is mounted and operated on a quick release semi-tipper. It has a typical working solids range of 2-6% input with 15-20% output and can process up to 120m3 per hour.

Advantages to centrifuge dewatering include:

  • fast set up and processing time
  • only a small processing area required
  • safe, clean and environmentally friendly
Sludge can be recovered from lagoons and ponds by using a dredge or pontoon mixer. Lagoon and pond size will determine the recommended equipment.